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Logistics strategy, concepts and benefits

We restructure and optimize the yield of your company by avoiding high investment:

• by vulnerability analysis
• by developing targeted oriented structural and expiration structures
• by determination of the setting for reducing costs within all ranges
• by optimizing the processes along the entire process chain
• by Best Practice within the entire logistics range
• by identifying key figures
• by definition of the interfaces, tasks and competences
• by new production techniques and equipment
• by changing the processes and procedures
• by cost reduction programs
• by optimizing the material and information flow
• by the reduction of stocks
• by reducing goods in process
• by determination of the real process for better managing costs and

This is your customer benefits:

• fast cost reduction
• reduction of stocks
• compress lead times
• reduction of costs for freight forwarding services
• fast result improving
• cost leadership
• improving the quality and service performance
• improvement of logistics and delivery quality
• protection of the lasting competitive ability of your enterprise
• price competitiveness
• improved customer and supplier image
• improved cost structures and processes as a basis for Basel II